What is business with meaning?

  •  Organizations, where people work with a mission to make the world a better place
  •  Companies with vibrant energy and dreams
  •  People with the courage to dream and realize their dreams and dreams of others
  •  Businesses which create rules of their game and establish new trends
  •  All these businesses are profitable and are leaders in their market segments
  •  All these businesses continue to confidently grow in a time of crisis, even in falling markets
  •  All these businesses were created and are lead by strong leaders
  •  Honest stories of ups and downs

It’s business about people and for people

What is a STAND-UP forum?

  •  Each speaker tells one of their stories, which has influenced their leadership the most
  •  A special atmosphere of sincerity, insight, and energy
  •  The speaker, his touching story, and the audience. Nothing more.

We have gathered these people in one place -

at the STAND-UP forum «BUSINESS WITH MEANING - 2017»

How will you benefit from participating in the forum?

  •  Speeches by strong and successful Russian entrepreneurs
  •  Unique cases from practice and experience of Russian companies which we can all be proud of
  •  Real stories of ups and downs
  •  Inspiration and the energy to act
  •  2 days with friends and like-minded entrepreneurs

The forum is a filter to gather involved and compassionate people

Here you will find partners with similar values

Тренды будущего, которые заставят нас измениться уже в этом году

Special guests

Michael Wilkinson

  •  founder and director of Leadership Strategies
  •  most sought-after and expensive strategic session facilitator in the USA
  •  many consider Michael the most energetic and motivating facilitator in the world
  •  Michael specializes in working with management teams in developing strategy during strategic sessions for leading corporations in the USA
  •  author of numerous best-sellers about applications if facilitation, including «Facilitating Strategy», «The Secrets of Facilitation», «Click: the virtual meetings book», and others

«Leadership through Facilitation»

More about Michael Wilkinson

Doug Kirkpatrick

  •  is an organizational change consultant with NuFocus Strategic Group, TEDx and keynote speaker, author, and educator. Doug is the author of Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization, and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.
  •  He is a director at the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the world’s largest talent development association with over 40,000 members in 120 countries, and a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®)
  •  The first season of his career was spent in the manufacturing sector, principally with Morning Star, a world leader in the food industry. He now engages with Great Work Cultures, Work Revolution, The Center for Innovative Cultures and other vibrant organizations and leaders to co-create the future of management. In the last few years he has spoken about the future of work with audiences in China, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and throughout the United States.

«Beyond empowerment: The era of self-managed organisations»

More about Doug Kirkpartick

Speakers of the STAND-UP forum

Andrey Krivenko
founder and CEO of natural foods store chains "VkusVille" and "Izbenka" - one of the most teal organizations in Russia
"Business built on trust"
More about the speaker
Boris Dyakonov
Founder of most innovative financial organizations in Russia
"Scrum, holacracy
and regular management"
More about the speaker

Receive a complementary recording of Boris Dyakonov's speech
at the 2016 Forum "Business with Meaning" about:

How to lose everything, but keep your team and successfully start it all over

Boris Dyakonov made a career from an IT engineer to co-owner and CEO of Bank24.ru

He once lost everything, but managed to save the team and started his business again.

Now Boris is senior VP of "HMB-Otkrytie", director of "Tochka" - the bank for Entrepreneurs.

Yuri Belonoschenko
co-founder of child development center chain "Baby-club"
"Personal Example as an Instrument of Development and Transformation of Corporate Culture"
More about the speaker
Artemy Stepanov
CEO of publishing company "Mann-Ivanov-Ferber"
Dmitry Utrobin
Commercial director of publishing company "Mann-Ivanov-Ferber"
"The problem of execution discipline is in the mind of managers"
More about the speaker
Guzel Sanzhapova
with the aid of crowdfunding Guzel managed to create a town-establishing manufacturing facility and save a town from collapse
"Social entrepreneurship: how to save Russian towns"
More about the speaker
Denis Kotov
Co-founder and CEO of Saint-Petersburg based bookstore chain "Bukvoed"
«Driving meaning in an ocean of meaningless vanity. Books for a captain»
More about the speaker
Vladimir Sedov
founder and president of "Askona" group, manufacturer of over 50% of matrasses in Russia. Founder of one of the few new cities in Russia "Dobrograd". Builder of a private hospital that provides more free service than free state hospitals
Softness provides more gains than losses
More about the speaker
Dmitry Kibkalo
Founder of board game stores "MOSIGRA"
Business as a Game
More about the speaker
Sergey Ashin
founder of chefmarket.ru - service that eases preparation of tasty home-made food
The time to change consumer habits
More about the speaker
Ekaterina Aksenova
Director of personnel management of bakery and pastry store chain "Bushe"
See. Hear. React.
More about the speaker
Nikolay Ganayluk
or AKA crazy professor Nikolya - left the job of a successful business-analyst and now leads children's shows with chemical experiments
From successful business analyst
to crazy professor Nioklya
More about the speaker
Anastasia Tatulova
Operator of café chain AnderSon. Happiness factory and 34 cafés in Moscow, Russia and CIS
«The Rules of AnderSon - mistakes and successes, our experience from conception to realisation and control»
More about the speaker
Sergei Solonin
“The Reality and Myths of Teal organizations”
More about the speaker
Dariya Bikbaeva
Business creativity provocator, founder of «Total Soul Integration» forum
«How to easily manage people and projects from anywhere in the world, and stop being a slave of the office and 24-hour monitoring»
More about the speaker
Bayram Annakov
founder of Empatika, a company that developed "App in the Air"one of the 20 best TRAVEL apps and TOP-100 app-store applications(Bloomberg)
Insights of a manager for a single day
More about the speaker
Виктор Найшуллер
Президент компании ОМС, крупнейшей компании Восточной Европы, специализирующейся на аутсорсинге
More about the speaker
Гаяне Бреиова
Ресторатор, бренд-шеф, телеведущая
«Вкусный бизнес. Вдохновляясь – вдохновляй!»
More about the speaker

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Speakers-consultants of the STAND-UP forum

Mark Kukushkin

Trainer and consultant, coach. Trainer of the Year - 2011 ("Trainings" award). Corporate culture development consultant. Proponent and leader of "Strategic Management" discourse.

Founder of the Open University for Trainers.

Training since 1994

Coaching since 2002

«The soul and meanings of a living organization»

More about Mark Kukushkin

Phillip Guzenok

Partner at the Coaching Institute in Saint-Petersburg, coach, consultant, business-trainer, teacher, consultant at MetaIntegral (USA)

Manager of research project "Growth of Russian Business leaders"

Over 2200 hours of personal consulting, over 900 hours of organizational development sessions, over 6000 hours of trainings

«Tales of happiness in work»

More about Phillip Guzenok

Maxim Batyrev

  • #1 Business-speaker in Russia
  • Famous Russian Manager
  • Laureate of "Commercial Director" and "Manager of the year" awards
  • Author of bestseller "45 tattoos of a manager"
  • Went from common employee to top-manager of a large Russian company
  • One of the Top-1000 managers in Russia (Kommersant). Maxim's LiveJournal blog enters the Top-30 "money" blogs in Russia

«Passionaries - the leaders of new Russia»

More about Maxim Batyrev

Roundtable participants

Barno Tursunova

Co-founder and co-owner of auto service chain "Wheelgood"

Sherzod Tursunov

Co-founder and co-owner of auto service chain "Wheelgood"

Andrey Spivakov

Managing Director


Valentina Levashova

Assistant CEO at "Invitro"

Sergey Turko

главный редактор издательства «Альпина Паблишерз»

Sergey Litti

Входит в ТОП-100 лучших производственных менеджеров России, Победитель Кубка Гастева

Борис Альхимович

сооснователь event-агентства

Aleaxander Alpern

основатель и генеральный директор WEBINAR.RU

Сергей Дмитриев

Сертифицированный Скрам Тренер®, Business Agility Coach, Внедрял Agile в банке «ТОЧКА»

Who is «BUSINESS WITH MEANING 2017» for?

  •  For those building business in Russia and willing to make a contribution to developing our country
  •  For all who see money as an instrument of bettering the world
  •  For those who are bored of doing everything alone and want to build stong teams of like-minded people
  •  For those who are tired of useless books and trainings, wants to learn from the best and get first-hand info from strong and successful entrepreneurs
  •  For those with the courage to take their own path and create their own rules of the game
  •  For those who are hungry for ideas and inspiration
  •  For those who love and believe in Russia
  •  For those with the courage to dream

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Programme of the forum «BUSINESS WITH MEANING 2017»

Friday, April 21, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Для участников с детьми

9:00Регистрация на форум
9:30Нетворкинг, новые знакомства
10:00Официальное открытие форума
10:05Приветственное слово ведущих. Как провести время на форуме с максимальной пользой?
10:10Переключение в формат форума: снятие рабочего стресса!
Section I "Courage to dream and lead your team with an Idea"
10:20Maxim Batyrev. "Passionaries - the leaders of new Russia"
10:45Doug Kirkpatrick: «First fire all the managers»
11:45Nikolay Ganayluk.
"From successful business analyst to crazy professor Nioklya"
12:10Break to make new connections and great tea/coffee
12:30Строим организацию будущего
12:40Roundtable "The courage to dream and lead your team with an Idea"
Участники круглого стола: Даг Киркпатрик, Максим Батырев, Николай Ганайлюк, Шерзод и Барно Турсуновы
Section II "Involvement instead of regulation"
13:10Boris Dyakonov "Scrum, holacracy, and regular management"
13:35Гаяне Бреиова: «Вкусный бизнес. Вдохновляясь - вдохновляй!»
14:00Break for new connections and tasty dinner
15:00Energetic exercise
15:10Phillip Guzenok "Tales of happiness in work"
15:35Segey Solonin “The Reality and Myths of Teal organizations”
16:00Roundtable "Involvement instead of regulation"
Roundtable participants: Boris Dyakonov, Gzyzne Breiova, Phillip Guzenok, Artemy Stepanov, Dmitry Utrobin, Andrei Spivakov, Sergey Dmitriev
16:30Break to make new connections and great tea/coffee
Section III "Aiming for honesty and trust"
17:00Energetic exercise
17:10Guzel Sanzhapova
"Social entrepreneurship: how to save Russian towns"
17:35Bayram Annakov "When coworkers disagree with me, that is normal"
18:00Artemy Stepanov. Dmitry Utrobin
"The problem of execution discipline is in the mind of managers"
18:25Andrey Krivenko "Business built on trust"
18:50Roundtable. "Aiming for honesty and trust"
Roundtable participants: Andrey Krivenko, Bairam Annakov, Nikolai Ganailuk, Guzel Sanzhapova, Vilalina Levashova, Artem Stepanov, Dmitri Utrobin
19:30During Party:
Wine tasting and tales of organizations of the futureMore information
20:00During Party:
Квест от компании Questime или игротека с «Мосигрой»More information
22:30During Party:
Игра в МАФИЮ, как корпоративная технология
командообразованияMore information
9:00Morning Yoga / Shogun
9:30Book breakfast with Mark Kukushkin
Moderators: Артём Степанов, Дмитрий Утробин, Сергей Турко, Виктория Бехтерева
10:00Relief of stress. Retrospective of Day 1
Section IV "Managing corporate culture"
10:10Yuri Belonoschenko, Evgenia Belonoschenko:
«Personal Example as an Instrument of Development and Transformation of Corporate Culture»
10:35Denis Kotov
«Driving meaning in an ocean of meaningless vanity. Books for a captain»
11:00Mark Kukushkin "The soul and meanings of a living organization"
11:25Alexey Kapterev "Communication of values through presentations"
11:50Darya Bikbaeva “How to easily manage people and projects from anywhere in the world
12:15Break to make new connections and great tea/coffee
12:40Roundtable "Managing Corporate Culture"
Roundtable participants: Mark Kukushlin, Alexey Kapterev, Denis Kotov, Yuri Belonoschenko, Daria Bikbaeva, Alexander Alpern, Boris Alkhimovich
Section V "Producing with Meaning: everyone participates in improvement"
13:10Etakerina Aksenova "See, hear, improve"
13:35Vladimir Sedov:
"Softness provides more gains than losses"
14:00Break for new connections and tasty dinner
15:00Energetic exercise
15:10Dmitry Kibkalo "Business as a Game"
15:35Anastasia Tatulova «The Rules of AnderSon - mistakes and successes, our experience from conception to realisation and control»
16:00Victor Nayshuller: «How to see the signs to manage strategy»
16:25Sergey Ashin "The time to change consumer habits"
16:50Roundtable "Producing with Meaning: everyone participates in improvement"
Roundtable participants: Ekaterina Aksenova, Vladimir Sedov, Dmitry Kibkalo, Sergey Ashin, Sergey Litti, Anastasia Tatulova, Viktor Nitshuller
17:30Break to make new connections and great tea/coffee
Section VI "Facilitation - the leading management style in future organizations"
17:50Energetic exercise
18:00Michael Wilkinson "Leadership through Facilitation"
19:00Roundtable "Facilitation practice in Russia and USA"
Roundtable participants: Michael Wilkinson, Sergey and Victoria Bekhterev, Mark Kukushkin

Игровое пространство «Бэби-клуб»

В рамах Stand Up – форума «Бизнес со смыслом, компания «Бэби-клуб» организовала игровое пространство для детей от 3 до 7 лет. Мы хотим, чтобы участники смогли максимально эффективно провести время на встрече сообщества 21 и 22 апреля. Поэтому если вы планируете посетить форум и не знаете с кем оставить ребенка, смело берите с собой своих детей, здесь о них позаботятся профессионалы.

Игровое пространство «Бэби-клуб» находится в Бородинском зале, в нескольких метрах от Андреевского зала, где будет происходить основное действие. На этой территории будут происходить следующие активности:

  • – Развивающие игры
  • – Изготовление поделок
  • – Проведение творческих мастер-классов
  • – Физкультурные минутки

И на этой территории действует несколько правил:

  1. Время работы с 9:30 до 19:30.
  2. Возраст детей 3-7 лет.
  3. При первом посещении, ребенок должен быть в сопровождении взрослого, который оставляет свое имя и контактный телефон.
  4. Перед посещением игрового пространства рекомендуем сводить ребенка в туалет.
  5. Организаторы форума и специалисты, работающие в игровом пространстве не несут ответственность за имущество посетителей.
  6. Посетители несут личную ответственность за любой ущерб, нанесенный другим посетителям игровой площадки или имуществу.
  7. Администрация оставляет за собой право не принимать ребенка с явными признаками простудных или инфекционных заболеваний в детскую игровую комнату.
  8. Вход с едой, напитками и жевательной резинкой запрещен.
  9. Рекомендуем взять сменную обувь и одежду.
  10. Администрация не несет ответственности за причиненный здоровью вред или материальный ущерб по причине невнимательности и несоблюдения правил поведения на игровой площадке.
  11. Родители, обязаны приходить к ребенку не реже 1 раза в 1,5 часа.
  12. Родители забирают детей на время кофе-брейков и обедов.


Условия предоставления услуги:

Для билетов «Бизнес» и «Премиум» услуга включена в стоимость.

Для билетов «Стандарт» стоимость: 3,900 рублей за оба дня форума.

Обед для ребенка не входит в услугу.
Обед можно отдельно заказать на месте в ресторане «Мозаика» или принести с собой.


Международная сеть центров раннего развития «Бэби-клуб» - это игровое пространство, в котором мы бережно развиваем интеллект детей и готовим их к взрослой жизни в новой информационной эпохе. В клубах сети еженедельно занимаются более 25000 детей от 8 месяцев до 6,5 лет. Дорогие родители, вовлеченные в раннее развитие своих детей, спасибо, что вы есть, что вас становится все больше, что вы делаете такое важное и такое нужное дело. Верьте в невероятные способности наших детей и нас отблагодарит... БУДУЩЕЕ!

Alexey Kapterev

Assistance for preparing presentations and speakers will be provided by Alexey Kapterev - one of the best Russian experts in presentation and public speaking.

Alexey is the author of bestseller "Presentation Secrets" - a book that was first published in the USA, and then translated into Russian

One of the most in-demand public speaking trainers and presentation experts in Russia

«Communication of values through presentations»

Подробнее об Алексее Каптереве

Ведущие форума
Сергей и Виктория Бехтеревы – партнеры компании «Правила игры», организаторы массы крайне важных и интересных мероприятий (форум «Бизнес со смыслом», встречи и интервью известных предпринимателей и т.д.).
Виктория и Сергей периодически проводят встречи предпринимателей, для которых бизнес не только заработок денег, но и определенная жизненная и деловая философия.

Сергей Бехтерев Виктория Бехтерева

Мы любим Россию и верим в неё. А ещё мечтаем, что было как можно больше сильных и успешных организаций, в которых трудятся счастливые, здоровые люди с горящими глазами и увлечённой душой.
Чтобы было как можно больше вовлекающих и вдохновляющих лидеров, которые думают не только и не столько о деньгах.
Будущее за живыми организациями. В долгосрочной, да и в краткосрочной перспективе они более конкурентоспособны.
Мы ждём вас на ежегодной встрече сообщества бизнесов со смыслом. Вместе мы сильнее и можем сделать гораздо больше!

Forum Location

Hotel Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center

Moscow, 31 Leningrad Ave., unit 1

What was it like at "Business with Meaning" in 2016?

Video-report on "Business with Meaning - 2016"

Testimonials from "Business with Meaning - 2016" participants

As usual, I was prepared to come to work quietly with good Wi-Fi, do my presentation, and then leave. For the first time in years, not only did I not work during the forum, I listened, I was inspired, I wrote down what else I can do. Excellent forum! I am super inspired! Boris Dyakonov
Founder of most innovative financial organizations in Russia: Bank24, Tochka, Knopka
“I was entirely amazed by the forum, at how many people really think about the meaning and are interested in it. For me, the forum was a unique event.” Andrey Krivenko
founder and CEO of natural foods store chains "VkusVille" and "Izbenka" - one of the most teal organizations in Russia
“I believe that if you do something in life, it should be for the sake of such emotions! They inspire, they energize and help to move forward! "Business with Meaning", you really change people, the country, the world. Proud and extremely happy that to know you! A remarkable event, thanks to the team, "Rules Play" and all the speakers!” Mikhail Zhilin
CEO of "Domovenok"
“There was a lot of useful and stereotype-busting content.” Elena Latysheva, CEO at "TRIO" company,
Chairman of the Board in the Federal network of diagnostic MRI centers "Expert"
“I was surprised that at the people with completely different approaches, and yet they are leaders in their segments. There is nothing holy left, but the meaning.” Michael Nehin
CEO of "Nytek Instruments"
“When I woke up, I knew that I am charged to the maximum! I received so much energy that I couldn’t sleep. I express my deep gratitude for the creation of such a high-quality forum” Anna Starodubtseva,
It is priceless to listen to the real experience of the speakers, to find something in common in their path and your own. It is invaluable when your path will be faster due to new ideas. Olga Grishchenko
Founder, "F5" consulting company
"A very good event in terms of content and in terms of organization. I simply recommend everyone to join such events in the future. Tatiana Muzhitskaya
famous Business-Trainer
There is an opportunity to communicate both with speakers, as well as with like-minded people. All speakers are very charismatic, creative, each one with their own motivating energy. Oleg Sorokin
Forum Participant
The speaker, his touching story, and the audience. Nothing more.
Speakers presented their stories of how and why they established their businesses, how these businesses operate based on the values of leaders and coworkers. I believe that meaning will further replace the need for strict rules, and the good news is that we have plenty of such believers!
I feel that inspiration from the event will be enough for very long!
Catherine Bogina
Managing Partner, Insight Group, and official Forum Scriber
Yesterday, not looking away from the monitor (from Belgorod), followed each speaker, catching and writing down every thought! Tremendous work! Everything is boiling inside, eyes are lit, and the everything is falling into place in my head! And I have confidence that everything will work out! Thank you very much! Victoria Kudryashova
Forum Participant from Belgorod
"Business with Meaning" team, I wish to express my sincere and personal thanks! This is the best event that I've visited, and I attend a lot of events. It was a significant day in my life. In one place I found so many entrepreneurs who are building their businesses on values, where the money is really just a tool, and I'm shocked.
Listening to the stories of these people, feeling their sincerity with every cell, I could not hold back tears. Twice. Why? Because I saw that I was not a "black sheep", as previously thought, and that building a business for money or for something more - that is the choice of every entrepreneur. It was very nice to see the success stories of people who really create meanings, and for me that has always been more important than money.
For a while now I have not seen such a high quality audience. THANK YOU for the pleasure of being among people concerned with improving the quality of life; people for whom these are not just words, but the meaning of life.
Lyudmila Saloid
CEO of ability determination center «Who am I?»
Forums are plenty. The depth is scarce. Keep your eye on the depth. I was at your forum this year, and really glad! Not only were there powerful speakers, the participants were united by one spirit - the spirit of meaning. I will go to the next forum, and will bring more with me. Do not lower the bar. Refer to the value. Yours. Deep. Then it will be a masterpiece. Natalia Hot
Forum Participant
I have visited 5 forums and conferences in 2016, both as a speaker and as a participant. This forum inspired me, gave me a lot of valuable ideas and connections. It was the best one I visited in 2016! Yulia Matveeva
Manager of training center "MEDSI"

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Fees for the STAND-UP forum «BUSINESS WITH MEANING - 2017»

Content and amount«Online»
1Online participation in the forum (условия участия)+   
2Access to speaker presentations++++
3Access to all forum video recordings++++
4Opportunity to ask questions and receive answers++++
5In-Person participation in the Forum  +++
6Coffee Breaks +++
7Participation in the evening programme of April 21st +++
8Traditional wine-tasting on April 21st +++
9Participation in "Mafia" game as a corporate teambuilding technology +++
10Access to evening games library from "MOSIGRA" +++
11A place in the "Standard zone" +  
12A place in the "Business zone"  + 
13A place in the "Premium zone"   +
14Dinner at "Mozaika" restaurant
(Renaissance Monarch Hotel)
15Child's access to children's "Business with Meaning" 3,900р
за два дня
в стоимость
в стоимость
16Dinner with forum speakers and special guests   +
17Access to the VIP meeting room   +
18Business books package from forum partners "Mann-Ivanov-Ferber" publishers   +
191-year membership to the "Managers Club"   +
20Discount for facilitation master-class by Michael Wilkinson when purchasing Forum tickets (April 21-22)10%
for online

Cost of participating in the forum for 1 day

is 65% of the total ticket cost

Special offer:

Inspiring leaders: Participation for a group of 3 to 6 managers from one company

  • 10% discount
  • 2-hour mini group session with a professional facilitator-consultant from the "Rules Play" team, to discuss ideas, plan new projects and development - included in the package cost

Inspiring leaders: Participation for a group of 7 and more managers from one company

  • 15% discount
  • 4-hour session with a professional facilitator-consultant from the "Rules Play" team, to discuss ideas, plan new projects and development - included in the package cost

Who is going to the forum «Business with Meaning»?

and many others...

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STAGE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
«Premium» – 49,900р «Business» – 30,900р «Standard» – 25,900р «Стандарт» (верхние боковые) – 12,900р 25,900р
Booked Payed
Специальная цена
на верхние боковые места
скидка 50%

Take the chance to reserve a seat at the STAND-UP forum

If you have questions about the programme, the location, the speakers or purchasing tickets, call the toll free federal number:

+7 (800) 700-16-86

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